Take back your time!
Let Errands by the Hour make life simple!

Just name your need.

Errands by the Hour will pick up or drop off anything from dry cleaning and business documents to packages for UPS or post office, birthday presents or other needed gifts. Other services we may be able to assist you with may include:

    • $25 Personal Errands Service

      Light housekeeping (example sweeping and mopping, unload and reload dishwasher, cleaning countertop       straightening of children’s room, playroom and other living spaces.)
      Grocery shopping
      Laundry services
      Organization task (example cleaning out closets, pantry...etc.)
      Cooking meals for family a few nights per week or picking up pre-made meals at a variety of locations and
            delivering it right into your refrigerator for later use.
      Household shopping (example personal items or runs for supplies)
      Pet care
      Taking the pets to the vet or to be groomed
      Emergency childcare
      Food service at a dinner party
      Prep for a dinner party or clean up after a dinner party
      Taking vehicle to be detailed or serviced
      Supervising hired help such as handy men, cleaning people or construction workers
      Personal Shopping kids shoes, clothes and more.
      Organization of winter to summer clothing while storing away what is not needed.
      Gift wrapping at Christmas or other Holidays
      Picking up gifts for birthday parties or weddings and more.
      Help packing up items for moving or help moving.
      Pharmacy pick up or drop off

    • $35 Business Errands Service

      Home office organization
      Hire an errand girl as a secretary for a day.
      Courier services
      Emergency situations say you need and errand girl to act on your behalf as a liaison because you’re out of       town. Example...pay an unpaid speeding ticket that has caused your license to be revoked simple because you       were busy and forgot about it.
      Maybe you’re simply a pack rat and need help going through the stacks and stacks of mail that you tend to wait       and wait to go through and you need someone to pick up each document one at a time and say keep or trash.       Yes, we realize that is personal but we are here to meet your needs.

    • $50 and up Specialty Errands Service or Name your need.

      Snap shots for Birthday parties (Hire and errand girl to take candid photos so you have time to enjoy your child’s       birthday party.)
      Snap shots for Weddings or other events. (Candid photos taken while no one is paying attention but enjoying       the event by making great memories without having to miss them in real life.)
      Let’s play dress up…errand girl or guy can dress up as your child’s favorite character for a birthday or say you       are planning an event and need to entertain the children. Why not make it a night everyone remembers? (Client       must provide the costume.)
      Go to girl for a wedding picking guest up from the airport or picking up last minute items. Or you might simple       want and extra set of hands to cater the bride on her special day freeing up the maid of honor to care for the       details only she would know about.
      Help planning and event
      Name your need! That’s right Errands by the Hour offers our clients the chance to stump us. I assure you we       can meet the needs of all your errands services.
      Tag it! Do you find yourself filling up your basement or attic and never truly understanding what is truly there?       Well with Tag it specialty services we will come in organize the clutter and chaos and then sell the unwanted       items for you at a tag sell. Giving you space as well as money in the bank.
      We also offer selling your stuff on Ebay!
      Nursery Errand girls (wash all baby clothes, blankets and other items and fold and put away, clean bottles and       unpack all toys and sanitize for immediate use as well as dispose of trash. Giving an expectant mom the relief       of knowing that job is done without having to worry with it herself.


bullet Love Christmas or other Holidays and you simple out do yourself every year? Maybe you decided this year it       would be nice to have someone come in and help with the decoration. Need lights hung outside? We can meet       those needs!
bullet Gift wrapping services
bullet Personal Christmas or Holiday shopping services
bulletHoliday or Christmas card addressed, stamped and mailed for you. (You provide all items needed).

Whatever your needs are, Errands by the Hour can work with you to make life easier for you and your family. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Call us today at 205-664-7263!

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